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Why Radio Advertising Is So Effective

Radio advertising is one of the most stable marketing platforms available for business owners.
Radio plays a big role in the daily lives of Americans.
We wake up with it, drive with it, work with it and go to sleep with it. Where we go radio goes with us.

Al Cole’s Radio Interview

Benji Cole is an awesome Los Angeles Actor and Filmmaker who has shared the acting stage with superstar Tom Hanks.
Benji is now adding to the success of Al World-Class “Al Cole from CBS Radio Interview Services.” Benji is a superb professional interviewer personally trained by Al Cole himself and is now the full-time Host of Al‘s premiere interview show “People of Distinction.”

Ric Bratton Interview

“Radio broadcasts have been called the theater of the mind, and advertising fuels the media. The benefits of using radio for advertising are many, ranging from its effectiveness to its low cost.”
Ric Bratton with This Week In America has been known to popularize undiscovered indie authors in the publishing industry.

LitPrime Solutions offers an excellent opportunity to be interviewed by Ric Bratton.

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