Al Cole’s Radio Interview

A cost-effective way to get your book recognized in some of the leading print media in the United States.

Al Cole’s Radio Interview

What you get:

A guaranteed 15-20-minute interview with Mr. Benjie Cole.
The recorded interview will air by way of Apple’s iTUnes Radio Network (Professional News/Talk) featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, & C-Span
An MP3 file copy of the Interview to be sent via email.
Spotlight Video – A two to three-minute audio clip from the author’s interview will then be transposed to an attractively put-together four to five-minute video template. This video is the best and convenient way for authors to promote their books through social media, websites, and other digital media platforms! It will then be uploaded on YouTube.
The Spotlight Video will be marketed via Google Ads and guaranteed at least 5,000 views on YouTube.


Who is Benjie Cole?

Benji Cole is an awesome Los Angeles Actor and Filmmaker who has shared the acting stage with superstar Tom Hanks. Benji is now adding to the success of Al World-Class “Al Cole from CBS Radio Interview Services.” Benji is a superb professional interviewer personally trained by Al Cole himself and is now the full-time Host of Al‘s premiere interview show “People of Distinction.”
Benji Cole’s professional interviews will air through Apple’s iTunes Radio Network (Professional News/TaIk) featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, & C-Span. Each interview can be heard at its airing time through Al Cole’s 24/7 Broadcast Player at Al Cole’s Media Station Page,

Who is Al Cole?

Al Cole’s one of broadcasting’s most gifted interviewers with his nationally syndicated show People Of Distinction- It airs on Apple’s iTunes Radio
Network (Professional News/TaIk) featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, & C-Span.
Al Cole has aired 2,000 People Of Distinction shows on Apple! Americats #1 Broadcast VOICE!

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