About Us

LitPrime has helped authors publish, distribute, and market their books over the years. We put you in the driver’s seat of your publishing path, helping you every step of the way.

About Us

LitPrime was founded to meet the growing needs of authors to counter the insular nature of traditional publishing.

Our goal is to put authors in total control of the book publishing process, from the pre-writing phase to post-publication, and help them achieve success through the masterful marketing services that we provide.

Over the years, we have helped writers become published authors. We want to help you too. Learn more about who we are and how we’ve changed the publishing industry.

Our commitment

LitPrime is committed to getting your books out there. In a competitive market, marketing and selling a book can be difficult. Our team will guide you through each step of the publishing process and post-publication.

We support our authors with the tools and information needed to become successful while letting them have all the creative control of the entire publishing process. We want to give our authors a wonderful publishing experience with great rewards at the end.

LitPrime not only offers the support authors need to become published, but we also help them market, promote, and sell their work. We were built to take on the many challenges that self-published authors encounter every day. Our job is to make publishing easy. We let you write, we’ll handle the rest.

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