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In a collection of essays drawn from daily life, Dr. Alan Heath fills his first book with a hilarious account of life seen through the eyes of a dentist who never grew up. What’s Wrong with that Man’s Head takes us inside the mind of Dr. Heath as he shares the stories of his first communion, taken at the insistence of his Mother-in-law (Body of Christ), of avoiding the bathroom while on his first date (When Sphincters Relax), and of an ill-advised ride in a rodeo (A Mid-life Rodeo). He struggles with the challenges of parenting, debating the legend of Santa Claus (Yes, Virginia), and losing a fifty-dollar bet to his five-year-old son (Name That Tune). And you’ll laugh and cry at the same time as he shares the bittersweet tale of his mother-in-law’s last words (Last Words). His stories lead us on a fifty-year journey, and at the end, you may still wonder, “What’s wrong with that man’s head?”

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