My Autobiography: Seasoned by Stress

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An autobiography of the life of Mr. Marco Toral that shows that everything that goes up must come down and it is through this low points that he was able to step

Up of what life has to offer.




Table of Contents: (Tentative)


The High Life of Freedom

Childhood /My memories of my parents/ Growing Up in an Influential clan

Getting Married/ Having a newborn son/ Running several businesses


The Consequences of Bad Decisions

How did i get involved in the Drug Trade

The Arrest

7 years Behind Bars the lowest points of my personal life

Marriage annulled / missing my son/ mother’s perseverance/ shame brought to the family


Inside one of the toughest prisons in the world

What i saw and experienced while inside the prison

The condition of the jail

The slow justice system

Inmates condition


The chance of being free again

The court verdict


Walking out of Prison and Walking in to mainstream society

It’s not easy walking in to society after jail time

Restoring relationships with:

my family/ my son/ community/ more importantly Myself


All it takes for someone to believe in you

My appointment at the Cebu Provincial Jail

How did it change me and understand the plight of the inmates


Happy Jail Official Trailer Netflix – YouTube


Thankful for this gift of Life

Insights from the past and how it has molded me to improve myself day after day.

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