Jonathan’s Venture

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Every student new to the college must take a class in ‘Orientation’ on his first semester at the college. In the ‘Orientation Class’, the new student will be introduced to the college and what the college can provide. He will be provided with information on the majors and courses that will be available to him, the facilities that will be available to him for his studies, and the resources that will be available on campus and off-campus. The students are encouraged to choose their major and classes wisely, and use all the facilities and resources productively. The journal ‘Jonathan’s Venture’ is an orientation to introduce the reader to the mechanics of non-organic autonomy, the mechanics of bio-organic autonomy, and the mechanics of social autonomy. This journal will give only a brief perspective on these subjects. Hypotheses and speculations to it will be brought up in different places on the journal to encourage the reader to search further on the subject(s) that bring interest to the mind. The reader is encouraged to prove the speculations and share what he has found.

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