Crises of the 21st Century

Crises of the 21st Century: Start Drilling-the Year 2020 is Coming Fast

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The main problem for the international community is developing enough renewable energy to offset the loss of oil energy. With population growth of two billion by 2037 there will be a crisis in feeding the world; including a shortage of food and energy for transportation. The author finds plenty of energy but not enough of the special energy required for transportation of food. He fears that airplanes will have major problems in acquiring useable energy. Crisis of the 21st Century brings several facts to light with the hope of getting the attention of world leaders. By the year 2037 the demand for oil will increase from 5.6 million megawatts to 10 million megawatts; however, the world will be out of oil at that point. To replace this lost source of energy the author covers the various renewable energy sources and shows that by 2037 the world will fall well short of the needed 10 million megawatts of energy supplied by these renewable energy sources.

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