Canada in Chaos: Energy Excellence, Climate Hysteria and CoVid Catastrophe

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This book outlines the great resource strength of the Canadian oil and gas industry but in the broader sense it details a struggle between private industry and endless government bureaucracy and never-ending virtue-signaling debate. I have become increasingly troubled in recent years over the direction which our government and our society have been taking. North America was built on Free Enterprise and personal initiative. It remains the basis of democracy and productivity in spite of how much popular socialists would like to claim to the contrary. The two big tools of this threat are Climate Hysteria and Covid 19 shutdowns. They are being misused to put forward ever-increasing government bureaucracy and control. The book documents the fallacy of Climate Hysteria. It outlines how resource development is the creator of Indigenous opportunity as opposed to the threat to rights put forward by media and government. Government handouts are in dire circumstances sometimes needed BUT they are not, in the long run, the answer. The oil and gas experiences are detailed herein but they are applicable to broader society both in Canada and the United States.

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