A Feeling of Poetry

A Feeling of Poetry: Unbound

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I often find myself wondering about the simple things that the world overlooks, and I ask the question, Can I dive deeper into life-deeper than what is just the everyday norm? A Feeling of Poetry takes you across the western plains of simplicity in “A Plan, across a Distant Land.” And this book tries to explain, or you can travel through, “An Area of Distant Space,” being there in the sky, together you and I. The imagination is sparked with creativity for its excitement, its sadness, its anger, its wonder, its realness. This experience is not so much about the outward, but more about the inward expression of oneself or the feelings of things we encounter. Taking a concept from “stop and smell the roses,” have you ever stopped to think about these things and what they could mean? A Feeling of Poetry explores these emotions and asks the question, Will you, the reader, explore the actual feelings conveyed in this poetry? “For it’s the simple things that matter.” -Dorian Frost, “1999”

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