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No one is more qualified to sell your book than you. For most authors, the biggest challenge to marketing effort is time. For others, it’s their inexperience in book marketing. Our marketing specialists will show you the way to empower yourself with the marketing skills you need to bring your book out there.

Each marketing service is tailored to your needs- your goals, genre, and skill level.

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Social Media Outreach

Social Media Marketing

With the invention of the telephone, connecting people from all walks of life and through vast distances was considered a social breakthrough. Now, in the digital age, the concept of connectivity is no longer confined within the boundaries of one’s country. It has spread across the world and has become a normal thing.

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

  • To have authors establish and maintain social media presence
  • To reach target audiences that other marketing strategies may not have been able to reach
  • To give authors control over what and how they want their social media publicity to progress
  • To build author relationships with the target audiences
  • To create a brand for themselves



  • 2.96 BILLION – Number of active Facebook users and counting as of October 2022 (that’s bigger than the population of China and India combined)
  • 1.44 BILLION – Number of active Instagram users and counting as of October 2022
  • 2.11 BILLION – Number of people reached by Facebook ads as of 2022 – the largest potential audience of any social platform (34% of the world’s population)

Social Media Basic – 30 Days

  • Facebook/Instagram Page Creation
  • 8 Contents –  Creation and Posting
  • 8 quote card/text cards
  • 1 Social Media Book Video (to be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok)
  • Boosting for 30 days
  • MANAGEMENT, MONITORING, and ENGAGEMENT reporting for 30 days


Social Media Standard – 60 Days

  • Facebook/Instagram Page Creation
  • 12 Contents – Creation and Posting
  • 12 quote card/text cards
  • 2 Social Media Book Video (to be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok)
  • Boosting for 60 days


Social Media Advanced – 90 days

  • Facebook/Instagram Page Creation
  • 20 Contents – Creation and Posting
  • 20 quote card/text cards
  • 3 Social Media Book Videos (to be posted on Author’s Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok)
  • Boosting for 90 days

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