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No one is more qualified to sell your book than you. For most authors, the biggest challenge to marketing effort is time. For others, it’s their inexperience in book marketing. Our marketing specialists will show you the way to empower yourself with the marketing skills you need to bring your book out there.

Each marketing service is tailored to your needs- your goals, genre, and skill level.

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Social Media Outreach

Social Media Marketing

Ready to advertise your book on social media like Facebook and Instagram? LitPrime’s Social Media Marketing can help you start a targeted advertising campaign to get your book in front of active Facebook and Instagram users who are interested in your book.


Here’s how it works:

  • LitPrime designs a carousel ad, slide show ads or a combination of both for your book.
  • LitPrime creates a custom audience that specifically targets potential readers who might be interested in your book.
  • For 30 days, your carousel ad will be shown at least a million times on Facebook and Instagram’s news feeds. 
  • LitPrime monitors and manages your ad campaign.

Note: Facebook retains the right to decline to show ads based on their own policies and practices.


Why Advertise with Facebook? 

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with 1.5 billion users worldwide visiting the site daily. In the US, 68% or roughly two-thirds of adults are Facebook users. Instagram has the second highest user engagement, with 35% of the population being active users. *

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