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No one is more qualified to sell your book than you. For most authors, the biggest challenge to marketing effort is time. For others, it’s their inexperience in book marketing. Our marketing specialists will show you the way to empower yourself with the marketing skills you need to bring your book out there.

Each marketing service is tailored to your needs- your goals, genre, and skill level.

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Online Print Advertising

Online Print Advertising

Advertise your book with an online campaign that’s relatively cheaper compared to print advertising and give your targeted readers a memorable experience.

Anthropometry, Apparel Sizing and Design

Deepti Gupta WDHD

and Norsaadah Zakaria, editors

Anthropomentry refers to the study of body dimensions such as size, weight, and shape. Anthropometric data is critic in determining sizing system for clothes and their design. Gupta and Zakaria cover sizing systems developed for particular groups, apparel size designation, and the potential for international standardization.

Split Image

Ron Faust TPC

When a petty argument with an arrogant stranger deep in a Wisconsin forest over who killed a deer escalates to murder, playwright Andrew, Neville’s life becomes a tangled web of deceit – and self-deception.

The Braided Path

Donna Glee Williams HADS

Looking for his boundaries, Far-Walker Cam’s drive to venture farther than most nudges him toward the top of the world. while his sweetheart fox’s drive sends her downward, toward the mythical sea at the bottom of all things. Will each be true to their own heart’s calling?

Coins of Chaos

Jennifer Brozek, editor HADS

During and after the Great Depression seemingly ordinary nickles were traded for food, sex, shelter, and power. But they were carved with dark representations of the world evils and imbued with magical powers by the Carver’s legacy: coins designed for beauty, morphed into catalysts of pain.

Turning Hollow Forms

Techniques and Projects

Mark Sanger TAUN

Sanger’s comprehensive book will guide the beginner through  everything they need to know to get started with turning their own hollow forms. Readers will learn how to work with different types of wood, which tools to use, and how to apply basic techniques with confidence through seven striking projects.

How to Avoid Dialysis and Cure Kidney Disease

Terry Cooksey LSIG

Cooksey shares two ways to avoid dialysis and cure one’s self of chronic kidney disease and kidney stones naturally, Since all disease is caused by the poisons – except for the 20 percent caused by viruses and germs – avoiding poisons is the key to preventing and curring almost all diseases.

Ingram and Library Marketing

Highlight your title to bookstore and library buyers across the globe. Get featured on Ingram’s popular Advance catalog and get your physical book delivered in 50 universities and libraries across the U.S.

Published monthly and distributed five weeks prior to the issue month, Advance is a comprehensive title listing and purchasing tool. Included are hardcover, trade paper, audiobook, gifts & games, and mass-market titles.

Circulation7,000 top U.S. booksellers and librarians; and in PDF format to over 27,000 international and domestic customers.


What you get:

  • An ad on Ingram’s Advance catalog
  • Query letter addressed and sent to 50 librarians
  • 50 physical copies of your book to be sent to 50 universities

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