LitPrime Solutions continues to serve authors and
readers in a pandemic

Fri, February 26, 2021, 1:00 AM · 3 min read

LitPrime Solutions continues to provide first-time authors and published authors with their publishing and marketing services during this challenging time. Authors who have published throughout last year give the self-publishing company the appreciation it deserves.

TORRANCE, Calif., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — It has almost been a year since the world economy suffered cuts and job losses because of the pandemic. While its impact on the economy has been negative, some industries are coping better than others during this time.

There are some positives to publishing during the pandemic. Some authors have the time they need to finish their books, while others might have just started writing their stories. LitPrime Solutions, a self-publishing company in Torrance, has remained to serve these authors who wanted to publish their books despite the pandemic. With their wide range of publishing and marketing services, they make publishing easy for everyone.

Along with the guidance of their Publishing and Marketing Consultants, they have published, promoted, and sold books throughout this time. Anece McCloud, the author of Seeking Personal Validation, says, “I recommend LitPrime Solutions to any new author who needs or wants marvelous assistance and reasonable fees in self-publishing.”

Another author, Yi Woo Ae, who wrote Profiles of KAD Relations with the Black Community: ’92 to ’20, shares, “The reason why I chose LitPrime Solutions is because it is a company of agents that represent authors with little to no traditional publishing experience.” LitPrime Solutions was formed to counter the limited nature of traditional publishing and give authors total control of the entire publishing process.

McCloud and Woo are just two of the many authors who published their books with the company last year when the pandemic hit. LitPrime Solutions have been able to connect with new authors and their existing authors during the lockdown. Although it was a challenging time for everyone, the company has taken measures to improve its competence and efficiency.

Another benefit of the lockdown is the surge of book sales over the last year. Online, that is. Although, there have been physical bookstores that were forced to close during the lockdown, being that they are not considered essential businesses, eBooks, and digital audiobooks are selling better. Printed books from online resellers like Amazon also managed to deliver. LitPrime Solutions has its own online bookstore ( where readers can get copies of books, they wanted to read. LitPrime Solutions has also partnered with Amazon and other online booksellers, so readers can get them easily wherever they are. Books are available in eBook and audiobook formats, and paperback and hardback.

LitPrime Solutions is one of the self-publishing companies that continues to provide excellent services throughout the pandemic. They will continue to serve and look for ways to overcome challenges during this time and when we transition into the new normal to help authors, turn their manuscripts into the book of their dreams.

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